Tasting FAQ

How does wine tasting work?

Each winery has a different wine tasting experience. Normally, a tasting room will have 2-5 labels available to taste. Try your favorite wines, explore unfamiliar wines and ask questions. The tasting rooms are staffed with friendly, knowledgeable hosts and sometimes the winemakers themselves! Intoxication is frowned upon. Visitors are encouraged to drink water or eat while touring to help balance out alcohol consumption. 

What hours are the tasting rooms open to the public?

Each individual winery has unique hours. Check the hours of each winery before planning your trip. As a rule of thumb, most wineries are open mid-day to early evening.

Do you charge for wine tasting?

Tasting fees apply at most wineries. The fees usually range from $5 to $10 and in some cases your tasting fee can be credited a wine purchase. Ask your tasting room host for details.

Can you share a tasting?

It is acceptable to share a tasting flight. However, in group situations, wineries may charge by the person, not the actual number of tastings you receive. 

How do you tour wine country?

Plan your own tour, or hire a service to drive you around the beautiful countryside. If you choose to plan your own tour, always have a designated driver. Consuming multiple tastings in one day can quickly lead to intoxication, even inadvertently. For a premium experience, plan on spending 45 minutes to one hour at each winery. 

How long does it take to get to each winery?

Some wineries on the trail are just minutes from each other. Traveling straight from one trail end to the other takes approximately 45 minutes. Large groups should plan up to 1.5 hours per winery. 

How long does a tasting take?

A tasting takes approximately 45 minutes.

Do I need reservations to go wine tasting?

Normally, you do not need a reservation for a tasting. Private tastings and seated tastings may be available by reservation. Group of more than 6 are required to make reservations in advance at most wineries. Many wineries have non-refundable group tasting fees or specific time slots for groups. 

Does a tasting include a tour of the vineyard or facility?

A tasting does not include a tour of the vineyard or wine making facility. Several wineries allow you to explore their vineyards at your leisure. If you are interested in getting a tour, most wineries have events with guided vineyard or facility tours and barrel tasting events. 

Is food available at the wineries?

Some wineries’ offer appetizers or small plates. Check our winery profiles to see if any food services are offered. Consider planning lunch or dinner at one of Caldwell’s great restaurants during your trip.   The Orchard House will even pack you a picnic and many wineries allow you to bring your own food.

Can I bring outside alcohol to the wineries?

Outside alcohol is not permitted at any winery or vineyards.

Can I buy a glass of wine while tasting?

Yes, most wineries sell wine by the glass in the tasting room or during events. Some wineries even offer beer for those who prefer it. You may not bring your own alcohol to any wineries. 

Can we bring children to the tasting rooms?

Well-behaved children are welcome in tasting rooms and vineyards. Behavior that affects another guests’ experience is not tolerated. All guests consuming alcohol must be 21, Identification is required.

Can we bring our pets to the wineries?

Pets are not allowed inside tasting rooms. Some vineyards allow pets, please contact each winery for their policy.

Are the wineries open on holidays?

Most wineries are closed on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Check with each individual winery for other holiday closures.

Sunny Slope Wine Tasting Faq
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