August 6, 2020

Wine and Food Magic

Many people like wine, especially Idaho Wines to be exact! What goes better with wine than food? Nothing! When you combine good food and good wine amazing things can happen.


The fun part of pairing food and wine is that it is completely up to you. Oh sure there are general rules to start with like, red wine with meat and white with seafood, but rules are made to be broken. What you are trying to make happen is a pretty rare thing. The definition of food and wine pairing magic is when the taste of the pair outshines the food or the wine by themselves. 

My recommendation for you is to try lots of combinations and ask for forgiveness rather than searching for the "perfect" pairing.


It doesn’t have to happen at a fancy restaurant or a Farm to Cork dinner. It’s wonderful if it does but I think there is another time and place that we tend to forget for this surprise.


Just the other night we were having a nice bowl of Italian Wedding Soup with a vegetable base with some fennel and some pork, sage stuffing style meatballs in it. We had found a 2011 Huston Malbec in the back of the wine fridge and figured it might be great with the hearty soup. The soup was really good and the wine was stunning all by itself. When we brought the food and wine together, something magical happened. The richness of the meatballs and the brightness of the vegetables was multiplied by the presence of the wine.  


Our friends over at Wine Folly have some cool white wine pairings that i suggest you try with me! They say a Vinho Verde with blue cheese is good or even a Chardonnay with ranch Dressing could be amazing (Cool Ranch Doritos anyone?). Playing with flavor profiles can be a blast and it doesn’t need to cost a large amount of money either.

So I’d like to challenge you to explore your ideas for wine and food pairings. Whether it’s a picnic with a bottle of Chicken Dinner White or a juicy steak with a Koenig Fraser Vineyard Cabernet or even a Williamson Sangiovese with a homemade bowl of pasta and red sauce. Get out there and see what magic you can come up with.  

When the experience is more than the sum of the parts – that’s when you start to geek out on wine. If you have ever had a WOW wine moment leave us a comment and let us know about it.

Sunnyslope is full of great wines and great places to eat. 

There is an old saying that might help you get started and it goes like this ‘If it grows together, it GOES together.” 

As the weather gets better make the time to start exploring the super regional farm to cork resources we have right here. Pack a picnic or take advantage of a food truck at a winery. Your taste buds will thank you!

Cheers to Locally Grown Food and Wine!


The Idaho Wine Ambassador

© 2020 Jim Thomssen

Sunnyslope Wine Trail


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